Jachthaven van Schiermonnikoog

Reeweg 27
9166 PT Schiermonnikoog




The marina is located on the south side of the island. This used to be the main harbour. In 1927 the island’s first mooring station was built. Before this point, people would be taken by horse and carriage to the ferry. In 1962, the current ferry port was built, which led to the old ferry port being used as the Marina.

Marina details:

  • Tidal marina
  • Floating jetties with space for up to 120 ships
  • Washroom facilities; 10 showers and 10 toilets
  • Manned marina office, including a restaurant
  • At night, both the marina and the route to the village are very well lit
  • Option to connect to water and mains electric from the jetties
  • Hotspots with wireless internet.

Tidal marina

It is worth bearing in mind that the marina is a tidal marina. This means that the marina is only accessible by boat, during the few hours either side of high tide. The average depth of the access gully is 1.40 metres. It is advisable to purchase an up-to-date nautical map, as the depth of the gullies and sandbanks regularly change, due to strong currents and tidal patterns.

Information on how to access the marina:

If you have any questions or problems there is a 24 hour helpline; Sea Traffic Information Schiermonnikoog, 0031 (0)519-531247 or via VHF-channel 5

Contact details for the Harbour Master:

tel. 0031 (0)6-30010883 VHF-channel 31

The harbour master will be at the marina approximately 3 hours before high tide and up to 2 hours after.


Halbe Kroes, brandweer Schiermonnikoog

De brandweer op Schiermonnikoog draait sinds jaar en dag op de inzet van eilanders. Eilanders die er voor kiezen om 24 uur per dag paraat te staan en in actie te komen wanneer dat nodig is. Mensen redden uit het drijfzand, zoekacties door bossen en kweldergebied en natuurlijk branden blussen... Bekijk het volledige verhaal

Halbe Kroes, brandweer Schiermonnikoog

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