General Information


Schiermonnikoog is the smallest occupied island in the north of the Netherlands; situated in the Provence of Friesland. The island has a population of 933 (1st of January 2018), is 20 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide. There is one small village on the Island which is called Schiermonnikoog; just like the Island itself. Schiermonnikoog has its own flag, twice red, white and blue like the Dutch flag but with a green stripe in the middle, which refers to the nature on the island. As well as its own flag, the island also has its own language and anthem. There are only a small number of locals who still speak the language.

Tranquillity and space

Schiermonnikoog is popular for its tranquillity and space. The island has a minimal amount of cars. This biggest area of this versatile island is a National Park, covered in dunes, beach, forest and farm land. In 1989, Schiermonnikoog was declared one of twenty National Parks in the Netherlands. Half of all the plants and flowers named in the Dutch Flora guide are found on the island. Schiermonnikoog is also knows for its bird population. Even in the height of the tourist season there are still many more birds on the island then people.

Staying on Schiermonnikoog

Whether you prefer a weekend away or a whole week holidaying, its all possible on Schiermonnikoog. There are a variety of hotels who offer a good balance of the nostalgic feeling of the island and modern-day luxury. If you prefer more privacy you could opt for a beautiful, authentic island cottage or a stunning bungalow located in the middle of the dunes, on the outskirts of the village. Less then 500 metres from the beach, situated between the forest and the dunes, is Campsite Seedûne; the ideale place to pitch a tent and experience the outdoor lifestyle the island has to offer.


Schiermonnikoog’s beautiful nature and space can be explored by bike, on foot or horseback. There is an extensive network of cycle paths, hiking trails and bridle paths for people to enjoy their surroundings and be active. The wide beach also offers an array of opportunities. The activities beach also known as “Paal 3” is enjoyed by all ages to fly kites, beach sailing and (kite) surfing, using the elements of the beach and sea. At the Beach Pavilion “De Marlijn”, a section of the sea is a cordoned area, which allows for safe swimming under the watchful eye of lifeguards and the coastguards known as the “KNRM”. If you prefer not to get sand between your toes and salty water in your hair you could choose to visit the outdoor swimming pool, the Dúnatter, instead.

Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

During a day trip or holiday to the island, the hotels, bars and restaurants offer plenty of variety for all your “wining and dining” needs, including drinks on the terraces; in the village, watching the world go by; at one of the beach pavilions enjoying the sun and the beautiful views; or dinner whilst watching the sun go down.


Your dog is very welcome on Schiermonnikoog. There are specific areas where your dog can be walked off their lead and enjoy the space and freedom of the island. For more information on where to find these areas, and free poo-bags, please visit the Tourist Information Centre or the Town Hall. The island also offers plenty of dog-friendly accommodation!