Peperhusjen Schiermonnikoog

't Peperhúsjen

Middenstreek 42
9166 LP Schiermonnikoog


Where used to be a very small bakery shop, you will now find a nostalgically decorated shop full of sweets and other goodies!

In addition to the many types of candy and liquorice, you will also find real old Dutch sweets, such as syrup soldiers, Jew's fat, thumb liquorice or black and white powder. The candy is still sold and weighed from a glass jar. You then take it home in an old-fashioned Peperhúsjen (paper cone). But we also sell real Italian bay leaf and different types of nougat and chocolate.

Feel free to come and have a look at the smallest and tastiest shop in Schiermonnikoog!

The opening times can be found on our front door or on our website.


' t Peperhúsjen
Middenstreek 42
9166 LP Schiermonnikoog
tel. + 31 519 53 11 58