Bancks Polder Schiermonnikoog

There are 7 farms on Schiermonnikoog, they are all situated in “the polder”. When the sea wall was built 1859 as directed by Mr John E Bancks, the land directly behind the sea wall transformed from salty marsh land in to aggricultural land suitable for farming. This is how the farmers on the island ceveloped their livestock farms.

Meadow birds

The farmlands are a firm favourite with meadow birds and wintering geese. Volunteers of the nature and birdswatch charity on the island work in partnership with the farmers to protect these birds. For example they mark any nests in the fileds in order for the farmers to mow their grass around them. The eggs in the nests are also protected with nest protectors from the grazing cattle.

At the Westside of “the polder” is the “Westerplas” situated, the most important freshwater area of Schiermonnikoog. Nature and water birds flourish in this area.